Armond & Ko in Brussels – a Gastronomic sensation

Although this blog is mostly about Norway and the Nordic countries, its also about my experiences while I’m traveling around the world. Last weekend I was in Brussels on a CEPIS meeting and this time my wife was with me. So apart from a very good meeting on Saturday, it was a great combination of business and pleasure. I will take you with us on a guided tour later, but today I will start with a culinary feast at Armond & Ko. The restaurant is found in one of those charming and narrow cabble stoned streets in the heart of Brussels:

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Quite close to the famous Grand Place, a pleasant 17th century house hides the welcoming “Armand & Ko” restaurant, decorated in bistro style with attention to details like antique corkscrews as well as enameled plates. A good restaurant and a small museum. The ground floor and the more intimate mezzanine can accommodate up to 26 persons each. We where eating at the left side building in a room full of pictures of famous visitor like Tom Hanks and Sylvester Stalone.

The atmosphere, the table setting and the servants sat you in the right gastronomic mood.

Let me show you as you also see the starter: a glass of Kir:
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So sit in and enjoy the dinner and this wonderful menu:

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Starter: The appetizer was a salad with herbs topped with toasted chevré cheese and Serrano ham.

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Main course: Pan fried sea-bass, crushed new potatoes on olive oil, with caramelized tomatoes in a pesto sauce. With the entire dinner we had a Sauvingon Blanc white wine.

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For the dessert, we had Créme Brüllé – nice and sweet.

It was a wonderful dinner surrounded by international company with more than 20 countries represented. It was very pleasant to enjoy this food sitting around the dinner table and learning more about each other and our respective lands and cultures. Like I said, we had a great weekend in Brussels and there will be more fun to come – so stay tuned.

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35 thoughts on “Armond & Ko in Brussels – a Gastronomic sensation”

  1. This is a GREAT place!! The turbot with caviare is excellent as well as is their soups and…well everything. I eat at Armond every time I am in Brussels and everything me or my associates have had has been incredible. The staff is great and the proprietor, the namesake of the restaurant, is warm, inviting, and personally oversees that everyone in the restaurant is well taken care of. If you get the chance, I highly recommend a visit. You will not be disappointed.

    Thanks for the visit and for sharing your experience. It was my first time there, but I can tell we have to do it more often.

  2. Oh it must be 10 years since I was in Brussels! A lovely city, and full of history and interest. That sounds like a wonderful meal, the food, the surroundings and the company. And creme brulée must be one of my favourites – I never tire of it:)

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog, the ankle is mending, but more slowly than I would wish.

    Glad I could refresh your memories then and I do agree with you.
    The meal was great and of course the dessert was the top of the cream :-)
    Your welcome A.

  3. That looks fantastic! Looks like you are enjoying yourselves quite a bit in Belgium. Heard about the Kir cocktail for the first time; seems interesting.

    We had a great time, really. Glad I could introduce you to a new drink too!

  4. I’d have loved the appetizer and dessert! You guys really experience a lot of elegant food and so appreciate it. We seldom take time to do that here…well, maybe that’s just us, not all Canadians!

    They where both great, yes. We prefer ‘Slow’ for ‘Fast’ Food you know – doesn’t have to be that elegant, but different from all the fried you know.

  5. RennyBA, that’s hilarious response! Oops I’m in trouble … not supposed to be at the computer. Ask Tor…he’ll tell you why. Gotta run

    Heheheh, glad you liked it !
    In trouble ? And I can’t ask Tor now as he and Anna is on their way to Argentina you know ?

  6. I wanna go to Brussels. I was only passing through Brussels when I took the train from Paris to Amsterdam. Nice food pics, btw. :)

    Don’t pass by next time and come back in a day or two to see more food adventures!

  7. OMG that looks so delicious! I am starving.

    RennyBA its my birthday now!!!! (Well not til Saturday but were starting festivities now!)

    Glad you liked the food too.
    I’m over right away – I do remember your birthday you know :-)

  8. So you have been in Brussels, and I didn’t even know ! Don’t forget I live in Brussels, because Waterloo is only 15 km away. I suppose you hadn’t time to give a ring ? Next time tell me ! I am curious what you found more in Brussels, Manneken Piss ?

    I think I told you in my comment when I last visited your blog.
    I’m sorry I did not gave you a call – I’ll try next time if not to busy.
    Hope you’ll find the next post interesting too – much more than Manneken Piss :-)

  9. Renny, I love these tours you gave. It gives me ideas if I ever make it to Europe. Although traveling with 5 children is a daunting thought.

    Glad you liked them too and do hope you’ll make it one day – the children might grow up one day you know :-)

  10. I love how you take us on these city/gastronomic tours, Renny! :) I love Brussels. I’ve only been there once but it was enough to make me want to go back. Thanks for sharing a lovely memory.

    I’m glad you liked it Ginnie. You know I love your post from your trips too!
    I love the city too and hope you’ll see the next posts.

  11. I’m munching on a piece of shortbread and reading about your delicious dinner. Somehow, the shortbread didn’t quite cut it after that…sigh.
    I haven’t had Kir for years…it was a very popular drink for a while and then faded out.

    Anyway, it sounds as if you had a wonderful time in a beautiful old city, eating and drinking in a very nice restaurant.

    Thanks for the photos.

    It’s long since I’ve had Kir too – I think it’s actually a Finish mixture.
    Yea, we had a thrill of a life time and I’m glad you liked the pics too.

  12. The meal looks wonderful! I miss those sort of adult meals – the two kids just don’t appreciate it ;)

    I do know what you mean – but hopefully when the grew up ;)

  13. After a”POT AU FEU” delicious, my husband cooked since this afternoon, and I’m delected still with it, after the visit by Tor in Miami with a delicious sud american restaurant, I can’t resist here! Too much! I adore “la crème brûlée”! If only I could have one just now! I love salt, pepper and sweet things too!

    Sounds that you’ve really had a gastronomic evening then – both at home, in Miami and in Brussels :-)

  14. How lovely that you and Diane both enjoyed this business slash pleasure trip. The food looked ohlalala, Renny!

    Yea: the greatest combination and ohlala is the right expression :-)

  15. Oh, this turned out to be a gourmet evening, I love that :-) I’ve just been to Tor’s blog and started to drool, now I’m not sure my big towel will be enough… *giggles*

    It really was a gourmet evening and Tor’s where great too – I’m full too *giggles*

  16. I am not a great fan of cooking but I do like to present food nicely – usually to the dismay of my children who think I create too much washing up! My presentation is not up to this standard though – it looks beautiful

    Well, I think both are great – it takes some effort, but its worth it I think. and then of course, its easy when you can go to a restaurant where everything is set up for you.

  17. Fantastic! I’m adding it to my list. I have found food in Belgium to be of a very high standard, and this restaurant looks perfect for my next trip to Brussels. Thanks!

    Glad I could give you a good hint and I do agree; their food is great.
    Please keep us posted when you’ve been there!

  18. Superb dinner – as allways in Bruxelles.
    Happy your charming wife could join you after a tough periode.

    PS. I also did write a dinner post today. From OLA.

    Your so right: its a town full of gourmet opportunities.
    I’ll be over and check as soon as i can.

  19. I should have taken pictures of the food on our cruise. Was it ever good.
    Sorry to hear about Diane’s mother. Please know you both have my sympathy.

    You should – hope this inspire you to do it next time – tasted lovely.
    Thanks for your warm thoughts Maribeth.

  20. Hi Renny!
    Hub recommended Brussels and Bruges/Brugge when I told him that we were going to Belgium but we went to Antwerp instead. So, I’ll be waiting for your Brussels tour! :)
    The food looks good! I always like to eat fish! It seems like you really had a good time there.

    Anyway, have a nice week!

    Brussels is great and Brugge is really a charming town, but antwerpen is great too – stay tuned as there will be a guided tour from Brussels.
    I do agree as fish is my favorite.
    Wishing you the same.

  21. hello Mr. Renny, how are you doing? i’m glad you won the 3rd place on webblog awards am so happy for you :) and belated happy thanksgiving :) is Norway part of North America?

    Hi Scart,
    I’m fine, but really busy with a hectic schedule.
    Thanks for your greeting about my award and Thanksgiving.
    Norway is placed on the northern part of Europe (see the map on the top right side of my blog).

  22. Looks like pure indulgence for just a meeting. ;-)

    Come check out my page, you’ve been nominated…

    Diane and I think so too ;-)

    Thanks for your nomination – I feel honored.

  23. The food looks delicious! Thanks, Renny. Now I’m starving and not a creme brulle in sight! ;-)
    Glad you enjoyed your trip to Brussels. Have a good week!

    Love and hugs,

    Your welcome Diane – its always a pleasure to share a treat like this with you.
    Wish you a good one too and hugs back from me and Diane.

  24. Now Brussels is one of the few towns I’ve not visited on my travels…but I’d love to. It looks lovely…just lovely.

    RennyBA, I just want you to know when I cook dinner…it looks like that… In my dreams

    You just have to go there next time you have the chance then – and check back on my guided blog post during this week.
    I’m sure it does and it do looks the same in my dreams too – at least one in a while :-)

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