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A guide of Oslo Norway Tourists Attractions

posted on 16th June 2012 under Habits, Travel Norway

RennyBAs Terella Oslo GuideOslo’s History is peppered with Royal characters beginning in 1048 when King Harald Hardråde founded Oslo and settled in the area. Thus, you can expect a lot of tourist attractions that are in one way or another related to Oslo’s Royalty. The location of Norway’s capital city at Oslo Fjord is a tourist attraction in itself. The city however offers a diverse mix of cultural and modern tourist attractions like the Viking Ship Museum, the Holocaust Center and the Nobel Peace Center.

As a blogger for almost 7 years, writing about Norway; our culture, traditions and habits – including attractions in Oslo – I have posted from a lot of these sights. To give you some ideas from my own experience, I have collected some in the map below. Click the blue point to read more!

Oslo’s architecture is a sight to behold. The old manor houses provide a glimpse of Oslo’s colorful heritage. If this is your cup of tea then go visit Bogstad Manor (the furnishings of which goes back as far as 1750) and the Tøyen Manor House (given as a peerage estate to Chancellor Jens Bjelke in 1640).

Oslo’s Bygdøy island museums present; The Kon-Tiki Museum showing the legendary expeditions of Thor Heyerdahl; the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History; the Viking Ship Museum; the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the ship Fram, used by Roald Amundsen on his polar expeditions. Bygdøy is one of Norway’s oldest cultural landscapes with a rich history.

The Holmenkollen Ski Jump is also a famous Oslo attraction that tourists should not miss. It’s the home of our national ski museum and site of the 2011 Nordic Worlds Ski Championship.

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Have a jolly good time exploring Oslo and I would love to get feedback and reports from your experience. If you’re planning a trip to Oslo, give me a hint in the comments and I will gladly guide you around.

We are now leaving for a trip to Tuscany with the entire family, 13 people – 3 generations – yes including my granddaughter – and we are so excited. So stay tuned for some Italian posts later on!

4 Responses to “A guide of Oslo Norway Tourists Attractions”

  1. Carole says:

    Good info, thanks so much. My ancestors (Bagstads) came to the US from Norway in 1849 and I’ll be visiting with my family in August. We’ll be on a cruise so only have one day. So your comments were very helpful.

  2. Betty C. says:

    I visited Oslo in…1980? I went to many of these places, and also remember seeing a Woody Allen movie there!

    Hope you are well Renny. I’m a bit out of the blogging world (although I did manage a post today) but hope to get back someday…

  3. shionge says:

    Thank you for this Renny and unfortunately I am not visiting Oslo this time but I am sure I will someday.

    You have fun with Diane :D

  4. DianeCA says:

    The interactive map is really sharp! You are such a clever multimedia dude!!!

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