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17th of May National or Constitution Day in Norway

posted on 17th May 2013 under Culture, Habits

17th Of May in Norway17th of May, Norway’s National and Constitution Day (signed in 1814), is celebrated as the most Norwegian there is. Nationalism, patriotism and childlike enthusiasm are shown, as we celebrate our freedom (after the occupation during World War 2 and 100 years of union with Sweden) and of course the signing of our Constitution.
Adding to that, for a nation located at The Arctic Circle – after a long, dark and cold winter – we are celebrating spring! Special also, and we are damn proud of it: The children are in the center of the activities and the parades are free of military presence of any sort.

I’ve posted about this big event in Norway a lot of time. I mean – this blog is after all a place to find interesting stuff about our culture, traditions and habits – and what’s more Norwegian than 17th of May? Here are some examples:
May 17 in Norway celebrating National and Constitutional Day
17th of May – Norway’s National Day in Oslo
17th of May Parade in Norway
17th of May Norway’s Constitution Day in Oslo
17th of May Constitution or National day in Norway

I wonder: How do you celbrate the constitutional day in you’re country – or have you been in Norway at the 17th of May – for a comparison? Please share in comments!

2 Responses to “17th of May National or Constitution Day in Norway”

  1. Debbie says:

    I remember these celebrations as a child. Although we are American Norwegians we celebrated along with Norway, the home of our relatives. My parents were active in Sons of Norway and we marched in the parade in Brooklyn, NY.

  2. ausfi says:

    Great photos as always. I was just at the Brostein ball, which is a lovely occassion. I also took a walk on the new seaside promenade opposite the opera.
    As the Finnish Day of Independence is on 6th December, there is no chance for a procession. Every Finn puts two candles on the windows, often blue and white, there is a celebration in schools and embassies. The president of the realm has a great reception, which is televised for people to see. This is how I celebrated once here in Oslo, alone.

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