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Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway

posted on 8th February 2010 under Habits, Nature, Sports, Winter

A sunny winter day with fresh, crisp air and lots of snow just calls for outdoors activities. In Norway the whole family, dressed for the weather, loves to go out and have fun. Today was a day like that: -5C (23F), blue sky and we’ve had quite a lot of snow in January – so all was perfect for another quality time with my wife DianeCA. I had my camera on hand of course and gladly take you along. Let’s start with the beaches at Kalvøya (Calf Island), where we go swimming and tanning in the summer time – and today:

Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #7
Look at the row of people in the middle walking on the ice of Oslo Fjord.

I’m often talking about the significant four seasons in Norway, so let me show you photos at the same beach from today and last summer:
Hot summer at the beach in Oslo Norway #11 Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #14
From tiny bikinis to solid winter clothes but still recreational :-)
Hot summer at the beach in Oslo Norway #10 Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #15

Her are some more photos from our recreational days at the beach:
Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #8 Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #9

Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #12 Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #11

I talked about the whole family having fun and then there is much more to do than walking of course. Since in Norway, let’s start with our national winter sport and our saying about Norwegians born with skis on their feet:
Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #5 Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #6
Okay, these too boys are not new born, but still :-)
Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #3 Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #2
Family ski fun on a hill in our local neighbourhood.

Then of course and other fun winter sport is skating of all kinds. I so much remember how much fun my sister and I had together with Mom and Dad on a sunny winter day like this:
Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #4

With all this talk – almost bragging maybe? :lol: – about families going outdoors on a cold winter day like this, I have saved the best for last: While at the local neighbourhood hill, I spotted this nice family: Mom, Dad and their young boy enjoying a winter picnic and hot cocoa of course. I showed them my “blogcard” (I have a business card for my blog) and explained that I was photo hunting for a post about how Norwegians enjoy the winter time and they were more than willing to pose for us:
Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway #1
Proper dressed – In front: thermos and waist pack – Right: sled

Although this has been an especially cold winter many places with lots and lots of snow, it is important to remember that snow means more than delays in reaching your destination on the highways, snow and winter also mean exercise, fun, fresh air, childish memories, and even water reserves for the summer season. Today was just a wonderful day to be outside, and I am happy to have the opportunity to share it with you.

However those coming to the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 – I can almost promise you that you will not have to worry about ice and snow, unless you are visiting the Ice Bar of course! I have added some summer beach pictures so you can get more of an idea of what to expect in the lovely summer time!

44 Responses to “Sunny winter Sunday in Oslo Norway”

  1. Carys Gibson says:

    Hi My Husband left for Oslo tonight on business.
    He has never been to Norway before and this is only his second time overseas out of South Africa.He is attending a conference in Oslo and is very excited to meet the Norwigean people.We have summers in Johannesburg of
    sometimes late thirties degrees celsius. In winter we also have beautiful days up to 20 degrees at mid day
    and colder in the morning at lowest -1 degrees or at night but nothing compared to Oslo’s -10degrees.
    Well I hope my husband Garth is warm enough as it is
    aurtum here now and it was hard to find warm clthes to buy. All things considered I think he is going to have a wonderful time and learn alot.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Hey, Renny! How you been? I am working so not on the blog at all — as you are aware. So nice to see your face, your post, and to see you still have the sense of humor I remember — love the bikini shots…funny how ya managed to get those in. Take care you :)

  3. Picnic in winter! Oh, that is so cool! Would love to try tha in Norway.

    It’s presently too hot for picnics in Singapore.

  4. janet says:

    It really shows that norwegians know how to have fun regardless of the weather !

    just me

  5. Tamara says:

    I wonder if it changed my avatar….lets see:

  6. Vagabonde says:

    You have posted some very scenic pics. The sky so blue with all the snow around makes for quite a landscape.

  7. Max Coutinho says:

    Hey Renny,

    I loved the pictures, although they gave me a cold down my back LOL ;)…
    Seriously now, your country is beautiful both in Summer and Winter; however I am glad I will not experience any snow in August there ;).

    Keep on sharing the wonders of Norway!

    Cheers and have a great weekend

  8. Tamara says:

    Btw,do you have any idea how I can get rid of that little picture of me in the top left corner?lol Or maybe change it?
    (just curious)

    You need to log in to and update you’re profile.

  9. Tamara says:

    What a cool idea,posting the beach in the summer and then how it looks now.Both seasons absolutely look awesome.I’m hoping and praying I can be a part of 2010 Oslo….my sister would freak if this could really happen for us.
    Great pictures!! Texas hasn’t seen snow like that since I “think” it was 1984 or 85’…somewhere around that time.Since we never get snow, that actually sticks….nobody can drive in it.Ya’ll are used to it.It’s chaos and the Emergency rooms are full when it even gets a tad bit icey on the roads here.
    Thanks for giving us a look at your side of the world!!

  10. Dim Lamp says:

    Beautiful winter’s day for skiing! :-)

  11. Kuanyin says:

    Umm…yummy snow fun! I miss it sometimes! Great side by side photos.

  12. Looks like you had a tad bit better weather than we had… I do think that you Norwegians are out a bit more than we Swedes are, even if we’re pretty good at it too :-)

  13. Lady Fi says:

    Being outside under such wonderful blue skies, with sun and snow – nothing can beat that magical feeling!

  14. Maria says:

    I remember Oslo in August. The light was fantastic clean atmosphere, delicious food, wonderful people, I fell in love with Norway for ever. My husband has accepted. My son started to take their first steps in Holmenkollen.
    What to say about Norway!
    Spain is my home. Norway my passion.

  15. TorAa says:

    Yes Renny, ir was a beautiful sunnu Sunday.
    Lot’s of people out in the fresh air.
    It was a Day that really lightened up, like your wonderful photos.

    btw. See you tomorrow

  16. Anya says:

    So beautiful shots !!!!
    AMAZING bleu sky ….
    Your country is UNIQUE in the winter
    but i NEED spring I need the sun :(

  17. Ria C says:

    Wow, the summer and winter pics of the same area of the beach are marvelous! I am so happy to see all these snowy pictures of Oslo. I feel like I am there even if I am here in sunny Dubai :) Nice pics Renny! Regards to Diane!!

  18. Ginnie says:

    You are bringing back such happy memories of my youth in Michigan, Renny, when ice skating was something I did as often as possible. Later as an adult I even went cross-country skiing with my son in Wisconsin at our nearby arboretum. I LOVE wintertime, especially when there is snow. YAAAAY. Maybe I was a Norwegian in a past life?? :)

  19. Me too. Philippines is a hot country but still they own great beaches

  20. So cold it makes me shiver haha. I hope Norway is like Philippines

  21. Lelé Batita says:

    Hello Renny!
    What a nice sunny day!
    Lovely snow and shiny sun, as in a postcard!
    I never could imagine a snowy beach!
    How many degrees below zero?

  22. zingtrial says:

    Amazing pictures,love the comparison .Wishing you well

  23. ghee says:

    Oh,I really thought you had a swimming event on a -5C day?haha!well,a perfect day for family bonding and for skiing or outdoor fun as well! I think i shud keep some pictures in the same angles but in diff season,such interesting to compare!good idea,Renny!

    im sure Diane had a good time,too!

  24. BLOGitse says:

    Hahaa, I see Nordic Walking sticks!!! Originally invented in FINLAND! :)
    Did you know that?

    Just tweeted your post…

    Have a great day!

  25. expatraveler says:

    Oh I just love the comparison photos! And the sunshine! WE did have some sun yesterday but I forgot to bring my camera!

    We have probably had the mildest winter since I have arrived in Canada. Maybe some Norwegians would have only t-shirts on at about 8C out! Yes it’s warm for this time of year and no snow!

  26. We just had a foot of snow last week, and we’re supposed to get another 4-8 inches of snow tonight and Monday. We’re to have more snow on Thursday and Friday! Our snow is coming late this Winter, but I love it so that’s fine with me. If it keeps snowing it may soon look like Norway around here. ;-)

    Enjoy your new week, Renny.

    Love and hugs,


  27. Sidney says:

    Amazing pictures… especially the contrast between Summer and Winter…

  28. Zhu says:

    These pictures could have been taken in Canada! We have exactly the same weather and the same activities now. Same way to dress for the cold too ;-)

  29. Letizia Marziali says:

    Dear Renny, congratulations for the magic power you have to give us such beautiful descriptions and images of the beauties of Norway ^_^ My always best regards to you and your wife, Letizia (Italy) :)))

  30. You have a lot more snow that we do! Looks like a fun day enjoying the great outdoors.

  31. Comedy Plus says:

    I don’t like snow so I’m going to Hawaii instead. Enjoy the snow and the freezing cold. To each their own.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    • RennyBA says:

      You’re such a stubborn Sandee! Can’t you see that a visit to Hawaii taste so much better after some month in a Winter Wonder Land like this? :lol:


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