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The artist in film, web and graphic design, Charles Ravndal has redesigned my blog using WordPress platform. The brand new look for RennyBA’s Terella really fits my theme I think; About Norway and the Nordic countries, our culture, traditions, history and habits – and even better than before. Of course I’m thrilled about the result and just had to make a post about it:

The new logo:
RennyBA's Terella - Avatar One example of Charles artistic design capability and with his own explanation: “This is a logo created for RennyBA’s Terella, a blog based in Norway. The symbol’s form was shaped after a terrella or terella (means Little Earth) which is a small magnetised model ball representing the Earth. The wave-like pattern inside shows the spiral movement of the terella and an abstract letter “R“. While the colours red, white and blue represent the colours found in the Norwegian flag. The font used in this logo is called Helvetica Rounded”.

From Blogger to WP & good to excellent:
I met Charles almost 5 years ago in Blogsphere and we soon we became good friends. Already at that time, he had an eye for special and characteristic blog design and soon he changed my blog from a dull, ordinary Blogger design, to something unique; The Norwegian look.
Then about two years ago, he helped me migrate to WordPress on my own domain name; Soon he suggested a brand new look, even more special, but still faithful to the theme of my blog. Here you see both of them:
RennyBA's Terella - Screen Shot June 2007 RennyBA's Terella - Screen Shot June 2010
Left: Unique Blogger design – Right: Special and unique WP design

Charles Ravndal: Geek is chic:
OsloBG2010 at RennyBAHe calls himself an ordinary guy from Bergen, Norway – to me he’s kind of special! As a film/multimedia design student at “Noroff Institute in Bergen” and currently freelancing, he is hunting for a stable design related position. I would say this design of my blog is a perfect proof of his talent and of course I give him my highest recommendations. If you like more facts about his skills:
He is Articulate in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Actionscript in that order. Can Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, After Effects and Avid as well as ambidextrous with OS X and Windows.
Click to check out his home page, and take a look at his blog, his portfolio and learn how to get in contact with him!

So what do you think about my new blog home? I’m curious to know so please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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55 thoughts on “Charles Ravndal design RennyBAs Terella WP Blog”

  1. Hi RennyBA,
    I love your new design. Charles did a wonderful job. And I agree–edgy, with a great eye! Most importantly, easy to navigate. Thanks for pointing this out to me on delicious my friend!

  2. This is so cool and so chic I must add and fits you perfectly. I like the explanation of the logo and now if I see red & blue, I’ll think of you, think of Charles and think of Norway :D

  3. This is the vote from Tor and Anna and Ingelin’s family here in South Western Turkey:

    Brilliant new look.

    We will come to visit Oslo as sonn as possible.

  4. Charles is a marvelous designer!!! I really love the new theme and the logo! Paticulary the choice of the Oslo Opera behind the text! Yes! I realise Charles found the essence, the soul of RB’s Terella blog!

  5. I love the new design of your blog, Renny. And I recognise the background as a photo you took last year some time.

    Congratulations to Charles for creating such a contemporary look to your blog and good for you giving him a write up in this post.

    1. Glad you liked it too Robyn – and recognised the new Oslo Opera House.

      Well said; Contemporary Art – Charles deserve all the recognition he can get I think :-)

  6. When I leave, what I “think” are pithy comments on blog sites there is rarely a reply. May I just say thank you Renny for taking the trouble to acknowledge your readers’ comments. Your endeavours make one feel wanted:-)

    1. Thanks for the compliment and for sure; you and everyone is wanted! Comments means a lot to me; enriches the subject and is an inspiration.

      It takes quite a lot of time though and lately I have concentrated my limited time in Blogsphere to post. Maybe I’ll use a bit of that time replying after this :-)

      Btw; Notice that you may reply on replies so we can have a discussion if some special points or subjects comes up.

  7. I so much agree that Chas has captured the essence of your Blog. It is really perfect! I can also confirm it works on my mobile phone too as i am using it now! Good job!

  8. shh…I tell you a secret – I’m going to move too, to WP!
    As soon as everything is ready. What a process! But I have an excellent guy from Finland who’s doing the job…
    Have a nice weekend!
    ps. if you like shapes of women, check my post! :)

  9. Hello Renny! I love the design! I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now and this is a great scheme you have, featuring the Opera House (?) in the background. Although I have to say, the logo looks very similar to the new Pepsi logo, except that it’s facing the other way and only involves two colors.

    1. Hi – I know and really appreciate you regular visits!

      Yea; Oslo’s New Opera House. The photo is my most viewed at Flick (20 000 views!)

      I can assure you, neither Pepsi or any other companies commerce influenced Charles design or my enthusiasm for it.

  10. I love it, but confess I also miss the angry little boy.
    Perhaps it’s a case of one is not so enthusiastic about change as one gets older?

    1. I kind of miss him too, but when Charles gave me the chance to have a brand new look – I just could not resist.
      You have to give guys like him fully artistic freedom to get the best out of him you know :-)

  11. Renny! This outstanding design is definitely RennyBA’s Terella. I absolutely love it! It radiates everything about you, Diane, and your connectivity to Norway as I’ve learned in your posts. Mr. Ravndal has captured the Terella’s very essence.

    Congratulations to you both for your exquisite taste in website design and blog content. I’m very proud of your successes. I’m sure there will be even more.


    1. Thanks Mary Ann – I think you hit the nail on the head; it radiates every you said – in a nut shell.

      I flattered and I’ sure Charles will be glad too – and yea; There will be more :-)

      *Hugs* back to you!

  12. I love your new blog design. I understand why you will recommend Charles. I especially like the navigation. It is very easy to find whatever I’m looking for and it’s compact. I’ve talked about moving from Blogger to Word Press but thought I would lose all my followers.

    1. Thanks Debbie – I’m glad you approved too! Nice, clean and easy navigation; that’s typical Charles you know.

      I was kind of worried about the same when emigrated too – especially when changing the domain name. But instead of loosing, I got even more followers – after a while.

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