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Celebrating New Year with Seafood and Fireworks

posted on 1st January 2013 under Food, Habits, Winter

Happy New Year 2013It’s time to open a new book with blank pages. The book – or blog in my case – I will call it “Opportunity”, and the first chapter is devoted to a Happy New Year Greeting. I could write about New Year’s Resolutions, New Year Greeting Cards, New Year’s Day Messages etc., but have decided to concentrate on a look at our New Year’s Eve traditions.
Still at the darkest and often coldest time of the year this sets the scene for enthusiasm and cheer so the celebrations are traditionally a blast of a feast. These traditions are all based on folklore and myths since the return of the sun has an important influence on our daily life and calls for special celebrations. In this post I’ll concentrate on our seafood delight dinner and the fact that we send up our own fireworks:

New Year’s Eve Dinner:
New Years Seafood delight dinner #AWe have followed the same procedure as for many years this Holiday – the best season of the year – Christmas Eve dinner with our children and visiting family the 1st day of Christmas (for the Yule Smorgasbord, click to read my post about the feast of traditional food: Norwegian Christmas Day Smorgasbord). Next stop is our vacation home in Sweden to celebrate New Year’s Eve. There are three important ingredients in this celebration; a week off, seafood dinner with champagne and of course setting off our own fireworks. Let’s start with the dinner:
My regular readers know we love seafood and no wonder since we have such a long coastline and Norwegians are known as fishermen. Only the best is on the table this evening: lobster, crab, crawfish and shrimp – all naturel – and the whole topped with a bottle of champagne. To make it short: click the photo to bigify, sit in and enjoy!

Setting off our own fireworks:
Happy New Year 2013Ever since my childhood, I remember we were allowed to stay up until pass midnight to see the fireworks. I also remember passing this tradition on to my children and the day before we would build a big ramp to shoot them off with snow and ice holding bottles for the rockets. These days for convenience and safety, I’ve changed from rockets to a box of fireworks with only one fuse.
Part of the anticipation is to buy it the day before. They demonstrate all the kinds they have on a video and we bought one which lasted for a bit more than a minute. Everyone goes out to see and the children have fun with sparklers : -). How we buy it and do it is to be read in my post: .

Happy New Year:
A new year has just begun and from all of me to all of you dear readers I wish you all the best and:
Happy New Year – Godt Nytt År – Gelukkig nieuwjaar – Bonne année – Gutes Neues Jahr – Buon Capo d’Anno – Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu – Szczesliwego Nowego roku – Feliz ano novo – Feliz Año Nuevo !

10 Responses to “Celebrating New Year with Seafood and Fireworks”

  1. claudie says:

    Renny ! I was just on the net surfing and trying to find news about Dietmar Frohof, a german man I knew in les Sablettes near les Flots where my father worked for young people animations in the seventies, you know the place you liked so much and thought to reserve perhaps there when I fall on google on a comment on your blog and saw that Dietmar wrote a comment on Terella in 2009 asking about a Claudie living in Ollioules!!!!!!!!!! Wouhaa! Just incredible!

    • RennyBA says:

      Thanks for letting me know Caudie – great to knw my posts reach out in the Google space!
      I have sent you a note on how you may get in touch with him :-)

  2. lime says:

    sounds like a lovely balance between exciting and relaxing. wishing you and diane all the best in 2013

  3. Betty C says:

    Happy New Year to you! As many, I hope that 2013 will be a year of renewed blogging for me. You never cease to amaze me with you many social media activities…how do you do it?

    I think NYE fireworks are a very nice tradition — relatively rare in France.

    • RennyBA says:

      Wishing you the same & also hope for the same :-)

      Good to know you are notesing me – although it i a hobby, it is also part of my profession you know.

  4. expatraveler says:

    Fireworks sound so exciting. I grew up where they were banned since the age of roughly age 5. I remember doing sparklers on our street and seeing snakes during July 4th.. But after that time, nothing.. It’s sad to not know that and my heart just flutters hearing about it. I can only imagine how fun it must be.. We don’t do it here with Cam yet, but maybe one day. I think you actually have to buy a 1 day permit to engage.. But at least we have the choice! Happy New Year… And as Cammie says: HAAAAAAAAAAAPPy new year.. With a bit of help…..

  5. shionge says:

    Happy New Year Renny & Diane :D Wishing both of you abundance of health and happiness always :D

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