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RennyBA’s Terella second Anniversary

posted on 12th November 2007 under Habits

Time goes by so quickly, it’s hard to believe that today its two years since I entered the wonderful Blogsphere. As I call myself a network evangelist, this has been the most adventures time in my life when it comes to making new friends and learning about others, their daily life and experience throughout the world. I want to thank all of you friends out there for your visiting, commenting and for reading my stories about Norway and the Nordic countries, our culture, traditions and habits!

In my first Anniversary post I gave you some facts and figures and reflections about one year of blogging, including my saying: ‘Make Blogs not Wars’. In the last year my blog has grown, and the amount of readers and commenter’s has increased quite a lot. One thing which stands out in my mind was to participate in 2007 Weblog Awards in the category Best European Blog. Another is the wonderful friendship developed with Mrs. Lifecruiser and all the A-Team Cruisers, this has been a really fun group and I invite all others to come on board – I highly recommend it. They have taken us throughout the whole world with exciting parties and trips to places I’ve never been. It really shows that only the sky is the limit in the blog world.

Two years calls for a special celebration and as always, I’ll do it my way. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to return your favour – not only your visits and comments, but also your awards, tagging and pingbacks – and I’ve decided to do it by making a competition which takes you down the memory lane. Let me start with the prize, a Norwegian Troll:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

In my post: ‘Norwegian Troll as oddly ghost’, I told you about them, so I won’t repeat that. But if you win in my Second Blogging Anniversary contest, you will be able to have one sent to you by snail mail.

The competition goes like this: You will have to search a bit around in my blog (wink: there is a search box on the top right side) and find answers to the following questions:

1: What is my wife’s name?
2: How did we meet and how long have we been married?
3: Where does my wife comes from?
4: What is the name of my home town?
5: What city in Norway is called The Gateway to the Arctic?
6: What is the name of Northern Europe’s largest high mountain plateau?
7: What is Rakfisk?
8: Who would I like to nominate for Nobel Peace Price 2008?
9: What does Terella mean?
10: In what sport did I fall and get concussion in 2006?

The three first comments with the right answers will get a Troll from Norway. Don’t put your address in the comment – I will send you a note and ask for it!

To give you some more cute miniature examples:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tomorrow I will go to US and visit the family, so I will be on and off. The winners will be announced later on this week. Good luck and thanks for playing :-)

Update: The winners are:
-> Tin-Tin, a good friend I met here in blogsphere almost two years ago.
-> Zhu, a relatively new blog friend who have become a regular visitor too.
-> Shantanu, another good old blog buddy.
Go and visit them and congratulate them!
-> Gretchen, a trustful reader from USA, who fell in love with a Viking and are now living in Norway just like my wife :-)
I know this is four and I sad three, but all of them delivered a full list, so I’ve decided they all deserve a Norwegian Troll.

Btw: I’m still in US, but back home on Monday, so you still have to wait for the reports from my daily life in Norway and the visits to your blogs dear friends!

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Third place on Weblog Awards 2007

posted on 10th November 2007 under Habits

Hello Blog World! Allow me to reflect over this weeks adventures as I’ve never had a more exciting week in my whole blogging life. It ended in a success as I proudly can announce RennyBA’s Terella is listed in the top three of Best European Blogs.
Let me first thank all of you faithful as well as new and hopefully regular readers for all your support and continuing voting during the week. It was a thrill of a poll and the race was close, thanks to all of you!

2007 Weblog Awards - Best European BlogThe day before the poll ended, I was on top and of course very excited. Never the less, as I’ve said in a lot of interviews the last days (see some example below): I don’t feel I’ve lost the gold medal but have won the bronze. To be listed among those 10 finalist was a great honor in itself and a thrill money can’t buy.

I hope you all will bare with me as I share some of my experiences from the week:

It started on Monday when Mrs. Lifecruiser made me aware of that I was listed as a finalist and even in the same category as her. We where both thrilled and from the beginning agreed to that we were happy to compete -not against but rather together in this. During the poll she has been such a great supporter so I want to thank her personally in this post.

From my first post announcing the nomination, all my regular readers gave me great support (thanks again!) Meanwhile, things really started taking off when one of Norway’s top newspapers interviewed me about my nomination and published it on their web site:

RennyBA's Terella Weblog Award 2007

It was on Tuesday and I had almost 2000 visitors that day. Most of them at noon, so it’s obvious what Norwegians do in their lunch time :-)

The next day I was on national TV on TV2′s program ‘Good Morning Norway’. No pics to prove that right now, but I’ll ask them for the interview as I would like to put it on my Youtube account of course.
I asked and got this link from TV2 showing my interview:

Then the snowball started rolling and I was on some other net newspaper:
RennyBA's Terella Weblog Award 2007 RennyBA's Terella Weblog Award 2007 #3

It ended while I was in Milan and there was an article in my home county’s newspaper, Telemark Arbeiderblad:
RennyBA's Terella Weblog Award 2007 #5

On Friday, the local radio station from the same county interviewed me for their end of the week show. Their main guest was Bjørn Kjos, CEO of the airline company, Norwegian. We had a great chat on the air.

Again, I thank each and every one who supported and voted for me. I couldn’t make it without you! I hope you understand it has been a extremely busy week, so please don’t feel neglected if I have not been visiting you and commenting on your latest post. I’ll try my best to make it up to you and it starts on Monday when I invite you all to another celebration: RennyBA’s Terella’s two years Blog Anniversary with some surprises. So stay tuned and in the mean time: Have a great end to your week :-)

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Nominated as The Best European Blog

posted on 6th November 2007 under Habits

My blog is in the final for The 2007 Weblog Awards. This year it were 4000 nominations so it’s a great honor to be one of them! The poll closed the 8th of November:

The 2007 Weblog Awards

Update Nov. 10th #1:
I’m happy to announce RennyBA’s Terella as the winner of the bronze medal in The 2007 Weblog Awards in category Best European Blog (Non UK). A few minutes ago, I received my third-place winner badge as you can see on the sidebar.
This is just a short not to confirm and I want to thank you all; good old and brand new blog friends for all your support and casted votes. I’ve just landed from my trip to Milan and it’s almost two hours after midnight in Norway, so please come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about this whole Weblog Awards week of mine. Here is the list for the 10 finalist:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Update Nov. 9th #1:
The poll is now closed and they are checking as a quality assurance. So fare my blog is on the third place and I am very happy. I take it they will announce the winner later on today and I will of course keep you posted either from Milan, Italy where I am right now (10AM GMT) or when I am home in Oslo, Norway late in the evening :-)

Update Nov. 8th at noon European time:
This is really close race. Right now RennyBA’s Terella is on top (a snap shot of the score card at 11:50AM):
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am in Milan, Italy on a business trip and meeting fellows from Computer Societies around the whole Europe who are running the EUCIP IT-Professional Certification Program. So please don’t expect me to update regularly – its just that it is lunch brake right now LoL

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Catch of the day – Fish Market in Oslo

posted on 6th November 2007 under Fall, Food, Habits

Walking through the streets of Oslo last Friday in sunny weather with crisp, clear air (10C = 47F) to a meeting, I passed some trawlers in Oslo harbour near the town hall. Always prepared with my Nokia mobile phone, I took some pictures for this post about fishing in Norway. Let’s have a look:

Fish Market in Oslo #1

With a long coast line and a ten thousand year history of sailing, fishing has been an important occupation and industry. The Norwegian fishing industry is represented by a diversified ocean-going and coastal fleet of more than 7,000 vessels employing approximately 14.000 people. In addition the processing industry consisting of nearly 800 units and a fish farming industry holding over 2,900 licences. All in all the fishing industry provides direct employment for approximately 37,000 people (out of total 4.7 mill), and forms a basic network of regional economic activities heavily dependent upon the sustainable and rational management of the available marine resources. Thus, the fishing industry is of vital regional and national importance to Norway.

Before I give you some more facts, let’s see some of this trawlers laying in the harbour selling this morning catch to the public:
Fish Market in Oslo #3 Fish Market in Oslo #2

There where freshly boiled shrimp in salt water (70 NOK = $12.70 or 8.75€ pr. kilo), Cod, Pollock, Haddock and some Founder. No mackerel as it was too late in the season, but that’s on of my favourites. Click to see my post of how we eat the shrimps and how we prepare the fish for a feast.

Norway is one of the largest exporters of fish and fish products, which represented an export value of around 36 billion NOK (6.6 b $ or 4.5 b €) in 2006. The export supplies major markets all over the world, of which the European Union, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Ukraine, Brazilian and the USA markets are the most important. Fish exports are Norway’s second largest export commodity. Salmon and trout exports account for more than half of the export value. Other important categories of fish products are traditional products like dried and salted fish, frozen and filleted fish, and other processed products.

From facts to figures: My regular readers know my favourite saying: ‘There is no such as bad weather, only bad clothes’. There is no problem surviving in Norway through the winter time if you know how to dress and we have long tradition for that too. So while walking through the city I saw this side walk café perfectly equipped for the fall season, with sheep skins to keep the customers toasty warm in the clear fall weather:

Cafe in Oslo, Norway

Next time your visit Oslo at this time of the year, I’ll gladly invite you for a cup of coffee or tea or even a cold beer if you like:-)

Wednesday I’m going on a business trip to Milan, so I’ll be quite busy the next days. Please don’t feel neglected if it takes a bit more time to get back to you, including thanking all and every one of you for all your greetings and warm words on my Birthday – I’m overwhelmed!

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The naked truth about RennyBA

posted on 4th November 2007 under Habits

It’s avoidable. As a network evangelist and with a lot of great friends in blogsphere, a lot of you know I’m 55 today. So I can’t hide it and why should I – I mean the alternative is much worse :-)
So since its My Day and My Blog, allow me to be a bit personal and self ironic in sharing some good old days with you. I always want my readers to learn something from the daily life in Norway and this time I like you to meet a young county side boy who was born the 4th of November at 6:10 PM. Don’t expect me to have a picture from that day, but here I am at the age of 2 month:

RennyBA 2 Month
It was very popular at that time to capture your baby on a sheep skin and as you can see: I’m butt naked :-)

Let’s move on. I mean pictures say more than a thousand words:
RennyBA 4 Generation RennyBA 6 Month
To the left when I was baptized (4 month old): 4 generations Amundsen. To the right: 6 month old.

I’ve told you I love dancing, haven’t I:

RennyBA 5 years Dancer
The King of the Ball in Sailors Suite.

I’ve also told you I love outdoors activity, both summer and winter time:

RennyBA Ski Jump RennyBA Fishing
Ski jumping and fishing at about 5 years of age. There is no such as bad weather, only bad clothes you know :-)

Times have passed since then – a lot – and often I wish like in the song: ‘If one could save time in a bottle’, but you can’t. Maybe that’s why one treasure once day more when getting older and you don’t take life for grantee.

Most of my regular readers knows me well from later time, as from my ‘About page’ and from ‘The face behind this blog’ post. You also know how I met my beloved wife from my ‘Internet Love Story‘ post. So let me end with some words my wife sent me today – as a tribute to my birthday. Some might remember that she is visiting her mother who is ill from cancer. She often appears as a guest writer on my blog, so I say as always: ‘Diane, the floor is yours’:

What makes Renny so charming is that he has a genuine curiosity and a willingness to see the world from so many different angles as humanly possible. That’s why he loves exploring the blogsphere so much. He really thinks it is just great to meet people from all over the world: from Australia to the Philippines, China to Canada and the USA. It was lucky for me that he had that natural curiosity, because that is how he ended up with a girl from the other side of the ocean – his curiosity and love for communication brought him first into my computer, then into my heart and soon into my arms – or was it the other way around – you know we can never decide:-)

He has taught me so much about nature and the great outdoors. I was kind of outdoorsy before but together we have experienced the nature close up and through all four seasons. As many of RennyBA’s posts can attest to he brought this American girl outdoors in all kinds of weather – and all kinds of clothes. He even got me wearing hats and long johns, and you know what – I don’t mind. I love our off season picnics and walks in the woods. I have climbed higher, walked further and swam in colder water then I ever imagined possible since meeting this special guy.

Happy Birthday RennyBA! And remember that I am thinking of you on the other side of the sea, just like the good old days – but this time my home is with you and I will be there soon!

I’m sorry this post became so long, but hey: it takes some time to tell about 55 years!

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