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Spare Ribs on the 4th of July

posted on 4th July 2007 under Food, Tradition

My new Terella
First of all, thank you for all your comments and compliments on my new blog home. I’m honored and feel flattered of course and even if I felt a bit shaky about moving into a new home, I am pleased and well settled. I can tell most of my blog friends have updated their blogrolls and I’m even listed at new once – thank you! I’m glad so many people around the world wants to know more about Norway and the Nordic countries, our culture, traditions, habits and food for that matter:-)

Happy 4th of July
To family and all American friends: Happy Independence Day – May your day and night sparkle:-)
As you know, equivalent to your special day is the Norwegian 17th of May, our constitutional day. For those who likes to read about our Day and see the similarity and differences, check my post from this year celebration in Oslo, Norway.

Spare Ribs
As my regular readers know, my wife Diane is from NY, US. That gives me an unique position in sharing and understanding traditions from other parts of the world. It spice up and enriches the life you know. So on the table on a day like this we have Spare Ribs of course. This year we have my parents visiting in our summer home as well, so this was really a great family feast gathering. Let me invite you to sit in before I go on:

We bought the pork ribs fresh at the butcher of course and Diane make the most lovely BBQ sauce to marinade it before it’s steamed in the oven. Then we gives it the final touch on the grill before it is served. This year we had corn as well (what we in Norway calls maize, course that’s what it is:-), boiled potatoes and a fresh summer salad. For Norwegians or people all around in Scandinavia, it’s a habit to have aquavit with pork, so that and beer was on the menu as well. Here is the dish:

I asked my wife why you call it Spare Ribs and she wasn’t sure, so I searched on the net for more information. No special luck as this was what I found: ‘It’s in the etymology of the term rather than any butcher-speak location on the critter. Unlike short ribs (beef) or country-style ribs (pork), spareribs comes from ‘ribbesper’, Low German for pickled pork ribs done on a spit. The word has that diacritical macron over the last e.’
So does any other of my readers know and want to enlighten us in a comment?

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Queen Sonja of Norway 70th birthday

posted on 4th July 2007 under History

Today there is a big birthday party going on in Norway! Blogging about Norway, our culture, history and traditions without mentioning it would of course have been a disgrace and of course Queen Sonja is worth it too – so know my American friends know why there is all this fireworks on tonight LoL

A bit history first: HM The Queen is a commoner, the daughter of Karl August Haraldsen and his wife, née Dagny Ulrichsen, she became engaged to then Crown Prince Harald in March 1968. They had been dating for nine years, although this had been kept secret because of opposition to her non-royal status. After the Crown Prince threatened to give up his rights to the throne unless he could marry her, the Crown Prince’s father, Olav V consulted the government for advice. The result was that the couple were wed on August 29, 1968, in Oslo.

As you might now, HM King Harald turned 70 21st of February this year and you can read more about the celebration on my post here!

Todays celebrations takes place in the west coast city of Stavanger, beginning with a thanksgiving service at the Stavanger Cathedral. Following the service, the Royal Family will take part in a walk through the city centre. During the walk, the Queen will be entertained by dancers, artists and displays. Here is a pic from today taken from Wikipedia:

Royal guests from all over Europe will arrive in Stavanger on Wednesday, and the City of Stavanger is hosting a lunch for the Queen and her guests.
The birthday celebrations end with a private dinner, before the Royal family and guests board the Norwegian and Danish royal yachts “Norge” and “Danebrog”, to begin a cruise along the south coast, back to the Oslofjord.
Long live The Queen:-)

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Welcome to

posted on 2nd July 2007 under Habits

I have the pleasure of welcoming you all to RennyBA’s new blog home hosted by me at With good help from my friend and blog designer Chas, I have migrated from my old blog with all the content, posts and comments. That means that you can find all my previous articles about Norway and the Nordic countries, our culture, traditions, food and habits and easily find it in categories or just by searching within my blog.
Carpe Diem:-)

Links & Blogrolls
I’ve tried the best to import and updated links to all my blog friends. If you by accident are left out, please give me a hint! Also I do hope all of you update your blogroll to this new site:!

I would love to read comments on what you think about my new blog home of course. If you have suggestions for improvements, I’ll gladly take them too. Since it’s vacation time, I have some time to adjust and improve you know:-) Besides ‘Make Blogs not Wars’, my motto is ‘Sharing knowledge is the best way of learning’!

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Home made meat cakes from Norway

posted on 30th June 2007 under Food, Habits

Norway and the Norwegians have turned into summer hibernations: It doesn’t mean what you first think of as we are not at all ‘sleeping’. It’s just that most of the people or at least half of the population has started their vacation, me included:-) So we’ll be at our summer home in Sweden mostly, although a bit back and forth, as my wife still works part time on night shift in Oslo. The children have some plans too, including camping with some friends, but we are ready for a long, warm summer with golf, swimming, fishing, sight seeing and relaxing.

So today only Kyle and I, my bonus child went by car to our summer house. It’s a long time since we had this chance to be together only him and me and we really had a great time talking along the road. The trip takes about 5 hours and with no hurry, we had some stops and a hot dog treat too. Half way in a big grocery we bought what we needed for dinner and I asked him if he would like to make some? He did: Norwegian home made meat cakes! I don’t how it is home with you, but sometimes I feel the children don’t get the chance to show their kitchen skills. But they can! They’ve learned it in school, but often the dinner is to be done in a hurry after a long day and the children are left out as the adults know better. Not today, so one hour after we came to our summer home, Kyle said: ‘Dinner is served’ – would you like to sit inn?:

In Norway, meatballs are called kjøttkaker (“meat cakes”) and resemble Danish frikadeller, but they are usually made from ground beef. This dish is traditionally served with boiled potatoes, gravy, lingonberry jam and/or stewed green peas. Some people also like to add fried/caramelized onion on the side. As in Denmark, Swedish köttbullar (meatballs) are widely popular. But of course Norwegian meat cakes is the best! Here is my dish:

We didn’t have lingonberry, and also I like red beat better (the red slice on the left side of my plate). I also like cabbage stew in stead of green peas, so we had that too! If I ad that Kyle did both the gravy for the meat cakes and the white sauce for stew, wouldn’t you say this was perfect!

After dinner, we’ve had a jolly good time installing a Skype telephone on my computer and he has head set on his. We have broad band in the summer home of course! Boys wanna have fun too you know.

For those who was worried about my business while spending almost 4 weeks on vacation, I can assure you, I can do everything from where ever I am as long as I’m connected to the net and with my 3G (umts) Nokia mobile phone, I can even do video conferences. Wanna have a chat? Well Skype me then – RennyBA:-)

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Happy Birthday to OldOldLady Of The Hills

posted on 27th June 2007 under Habits

This is an exceptional post about an extraordinary Birthday Girl. Having hundred of blog friends, I normally don’t do this as it would have filled a blog in itself. Naomi though, turning 76 today and so spiritual and young at heart is a good reason for an exception. She has been living a long and lively life and I do hope she will forgive me for borrowing from her post today – from the beginning and up until today:

I met Naomi in the blogsphere less that two years ago – actually one of my first blog friends. Since then I’ve learned to know this remarkable woman trough her daily life in The Hills through her blog. She is very talkative and sometimes writes until she has writers cramp, but you can’t stop reading and reading these fascinating stories of Naomi.

I know a lot of my regular readers have Naomi on their daily list too. If you haven’t been there today: go visit her blog and give her a well deserved greeting. For new visitors, don’t miss her Birthday post about her rich and exciting life.

Long live OldOldLady Of The Hills! Let’s show her the power of blogging: visiting and give her more than a 100 comments to her post today!

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