Advent – The Spiritual Countdown for Christmas

It’s less than 4 weeks to Christmas! Can you feel the anticipation – has Santa gotten your wish list yet? On Sunday we were starting the countdown like we do every year; the Advent concert and lightening of the Christmas Tree in the neighbourhood. My bonus child (I kind of like that expression to describe my relationship to my wife’s son :-) plays in the school’s brass band and they gave us a sentimental experience playing the Christmas songs.

Advent gives me memorable feelings about my childhood. The anticipation was in the air, in the house and everywhere for a whole month. It started with the lightening of the first candle of four on the table wreath on Sunday dinner four weeks before The Day. Father was busy at work of course, but mom and my grandmother started cooking the food and other treats preparation. Even if I was brought up on the country side a long time ago, we did not hunt for the meal, but had it brought to the house by the local butcher. From there my mom and grandma made the most delicious treats and I am always looking forward to the first day of Christmas to have some of this delights. All of this and some more were going through my head while we were at the event last Sunday. Below, you can see the band and the anticipated crowed.

The traditions and experiences from the time before Christmas vary a lot. While the Americans celebrate their most important Holliday – Thanksgiving – we are starting the Christmas countdown. Happily, influenced of my wife, I am able to experience both. My hole family, 8 people, were sitting at the table for a turkey dinner last Thursday and my red wine gravy was the top of the cream. Another quality time for me to experience, and I do count my blessings.
I’ve now downloaded the video from the consert for you to see here:

Click here if you like to read more about Advent, the wreath and the calendar I so much remember as the start of the Christmas holidays.

My model of the Earth

Today I learned about the mysterius word: Terella – A model of the Earth designed to illustrate the magnetic field. From the net I found this about the phenomeno:
Electromagnetic waves led to radio and television, and to a huge electronic industry. But they are also generated in space – by unstable electron beams in the magnetosphere, as well as at the Sun and in the far-away universe, telling us about energetic particles in distant space, or else teasing us with unresolved mysteries.

In Norway, aspecially on a clear winter night, you can easely see this in the Northern Lights, described as: “Of all naturally occuring heavenly phenomena, few come close to a night with a magnificent northern lights display. Flickering curtains of dancing light against the dark skies, northern lights is certainly one of the most spectacular of nature’s phenomena.” See a wonderful picture of this in the links in this article below!

And of course there was a Norwegian who started the surch of this phenomena: “Birkeland published the first realistic theory of the northern lights, the main point being that electrically charged particles ejected from the sun are captured by Earth’s magnetic field and directed towards the polar atmosphere. To prove his theory, Birkeland performed his famous “Terella” experiment, where he artificially created the aurora – and by doing so he amazed the entire scientific community.” Copied from the linked site of this article.

Update – links:
Nother Lights – about Birkeland and his Terella
Wikipedia about Terrella and
about William Gilbert, Terrella inventor in the 15 sentury.

Welcome to Norway to experience this magic yourself!

Welcome to my blog spot!

I’m not new to this, but wanted to start all over again. Trying, experimenting and exploring this new way of communicate with the world. If I don’t exite you right away, bear with me. I will go on trying and give you some of my life in this Cyber Space way.
So stay tuned, there will be more and more and more!
Renny :-)