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  1. Anonymous
    Oct 18 - 01:20

    wooooowwww!beautiful!!i wanna go there!
    well,someday,if i have a chance.

    you have a lot of adventures,Renny!
    and thanx always for sharing with us ^_^

  2. Teena
    Oct 18 - 02:07

    Thanks for taking us along :)

    Great pix and a great story!!

  3. Shionge
    Oct 18 - 04:04

    Whoa! Such peace and tranquility….I could feel the calmness right away.

    This reminded me of my trip to Niagara Falls over at the America Fall – beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing Norway with us :D

  4. Sue
    Oct 18 - 04:37

    This was beautiful! I love the waterfall right in the middle of town.
    Happy 7th anniversary to both of you!
    May your love last your lifetime!

  5. Mother of Invention
    Oct 18 - 05:05

    What a neat thing to have a waterfall running through the town! We have a river in ours and our backyard goes right down to it but it’s not like a waterfall.
    I’m glad you spent such a nice day to celebrate your 7th! Congrats and may you be blessed with many more!
    We’ll try to send you some of our sun from Canada! (LOL since it just poured ALL day!)

  6. Diane
    Oct 18 - 05:39

    Happy Anniversary, Renny and Diane! May you enjoy many more together. :-)

    That waterfall is beautiful, and also the mirrored church. As for fall color, it will be at least a few weeks before we have much fall color here. The foliage is very late in changing to fall colors this year.

  7. Grish
    Oct 18 - 11:05

    Wonderful post buddy. Happy Anniversary to you guys!

  8. Ginnie
    Oct 18 - 14:59

    That is one incredible Nokia mobile phone, Renny. It takes fabulous photos! And there are so many things in this post to “write home” about: your anniversary, the special lunch made just for the two of you, the return to a place you lived previously, the spectacular waterfall, the mirror church (and YOU in it!), the coins, the crowns, etc. I think I saw something like the crowns stamped into the rocks while on our cruise but I’m not sure where. Was it Norway? I’ll have to go back and look. But it’s all so soulful. Thanks.

  9. lime
    Oct 18 - 15:46

    belated happy anniversary!

    thanks for the history. it’s fascinating to learn history of a place that goes back so far. it looks like a really lovely and unique place as well.

  10. Travel Italy
    Oct 18 - 16:07

    too cool! I love to learn about new places to see. Future trips will have to include a stop or two in your area!

  11. A Decent Man
    Oct 18 - 19:51

    Very nice countryside. I love the river picture. What was the small tree’s name in front?
    Hey, Happy Anniversary to you both! Wish you a lifetime happy and prosperous marriage.

  12. RennyBA
    Oct 18 - 21:32

    @Ghee: I do hope you’ll have the chance soon! I would love to share it with you in person too you know!

    @Teena: Glad you like the tour and I love to take all of you along you know!

    @Shionge: Glad you got the spirit and you know with all the visits and comments it’s a pleasure to share my country!

    @Sue: Thanks for your good wishes. I’ll pass them on to my wife too of course.

    @MotherOfInvention: Glad you like the post and pics and yes the water fall is exceptional beautiful. Thanks for your good wishes too and please let the pics coming!

    @Diane: Thanks for your good wishes too! Glad you liked the pics and as you can see the foliage is late in Norway this season too.

    @Grish: Thanks, thanks and thanks buddy!

    @Ginnie: Yes, I am quite happy about the richness in the experience too and just love to share stories like this with you, you know. I’m not sure where you might have seen it, but as long as I know, this is only in Kongsberg and far from the coastline as you where cruising. Please check and get back to me!

    @Lime: Thanks for the wishes. Glad you liked the story to and I agree, Kongsberg is fascinating and an important part of Norway’s history.

    @TravelItaly: I’m so agree with you and that’s why I love to visit your blog too, you know!

    @A Decent Man: Thanks. The one in front is a maple tree. Thanks for your good wishes too!

  13. Anonymous
    Oct 18 - 23:37

    Like yourself, I’ve been hunting for that perfect autumn foliage to snap a photo of. The weather is just so gloomy in Oslo and most of the trees have yet to change colors!

    That is an interesting structure for somewhere outside Oslo. :-) Thanks for this virtual tour!

  14. Richard
    Oct 19 - 00:00

    Oh! Wow! A maple tree.

    For some reason I thought they we indigenous only to North America.

  15. Expat Traveler
    Oct 19 - 03:48

    looks like a fun an exciting trip! Yeah we had fog and rain all weekend also. Looks like most places did… ;-)

  16. Anonymous
    Oct 19 - 03:55

    Nice pics!!! the mirror church captured my interest, the architectural structure’s great…so delicately built I guess.

    Belated happy anniversary to you and your wife , God bless your family, Renny.

    thanks for the tour…:) I enjoy it.

  17. tin-tin
    Oct 19 - 05:12

    happy anniversary to you and diane! may God bless you and your relationship more. and may both of you inspire a lot of other couples :)

    i don’t know but the picture that depicts autumn is only the first pic. hehehe.

  18. charles ravndal
    Oct 19 - 07:16

    WOW! Happy anniversary to both of you! What a lovely pictures and now I know more about Kongsberg. Odd is actually born there.

  19. Lynn
    Oct 19 - 07:21

    Happy Anniversary to you two!
    You were having my favorite meats.
    Prochuto and salami on rye! Ummmmm.
    I am a rye bread kinda gal.
    What is the stuff that looks like chocolate?
    The church is amazing. I guess we have to take for granted that mirrors of old are lined with silver.
    Only the good ones now a days are silver.

    I love this kind of history.

  20. Jen
    Oct 19 - 18:21

    Happy Anniversary!

    I have to ask, is all of Norway this beautiful? Your pictures are always so captivating!

  21. RennyBA
    Oct 19 - 21:10

    @Mark: Yes, the fall is coming slowly this year. Glad you liked the tour!

    @Richard: Oh, no, there is a lot of maple trees in the northern Europe. Maple syrup is very popular too – I love it on pancakes.

    @ExpatTraveler: It was exciting – hope you’ll have the chance one day!

    @Nona: I’ve never seen a church like that and could not resist you know. Glad you liked the tour too and thank you so much for your good wishes – passed on to my wife too of course!

    @Tin-tin: Thanks for the good wishes my friend! The food made the whole scenery fussy you know.

    @Charles: Thanks my friend for your good wishes. Glad to hear you liked to hear more about Odd’s home town:-)

    @Lynn: Thanks for the good wishes! How great that we share the same bread taste and cold cuts then!
    The chocolate thing is cakes – my favourite, and wife knows of course :-)
    I don’t think there was any silver in the church – sorry.
    So glad you liked the story!

    @Jen: Thanks!! I’m flattered about the question and tempted to say yes, Norway is beautiful, but then again I’m kind of patriotic:-)

  22. Sidney
    Oct 20 - 05:11

    Interesting facts (as always). You could have been a good journalist. I am always learning new things in your blog.

    Happy 7th wedding anniversary. Time is flying by when you are happy, isn’t it?

  23. yorokobee
    Oct 20 - 06:06

    changing colors and falling leaves in autumn,Norway is beautiful!
    the glass church,WOW!

    happy anniversary to both of you!

  24. cheH
    Oct 20 - 10:21

    happy anniversary to you & dianne!More blessings to both of you!

    That mirror church is so pretty! very unique! happy weekend dear renny:)

  25. aiRah
    Oct 20 - 13:13

    happy 7th anniversary to you and your wife..!

    love the pics to bits.. so cool..

    have a nice day! *hugs*


  26. Anonymous
    Oct 20 - 18:46

    Oh well,what can I say?i need to work harder and earn more money to go there,haha!

    it works though,as an inspiration,travelinggggg!!!

    happy weekend,Renny!

  27. thess
    Oct 20 - 20:55

    Hello Renny, Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and the missus :-)

    you got one fantastic telephone there, which model is it?

    have a fine weekend, Renny.

  28. RennyBA
    Oct 20 - 21:34

    @Sidney: I’m glad you liked the post! Yes, time is flying and precious:-)

    @Yorokobee: Thanks for your good wishes and appreciations!

    @Cheh: Thanks for your good wishes and I’ve passed it to Diane of course.
    Happy weekend to you to dear and thanks for the gift – I’ve got snail mail!!!

    @aiRah: Thanks for the good wishes and I’m glad you liked the pics too. Have a lovely weekend!

    @Ghee: So I will go on inspiring you then – and then one day we meet in Norway! Happy weekend to you and your family too:-)

  29. OldOldLady Of The Hills
    Oct 21 - 00:08

    Renny, these photographs are extrordinary!!! I want to know the exact name and number of the Nokia you have…I’ve never seen such beautiful wonderful photos taken with a camera phone….Of course the “taker” is part of it, no doubt…but, this is the first Camera Phone that looked worth having to me….Would you email me please….!
    myrtillo1984 at yahoo dot com.
    Thank you very much and thank you for giving us this gorgeous tour of your part of Norway! More, More More, please!

  30. OldOldLady Of The Hills
    Oct 21 - 01:50

    Renny…You are now on my blogroll!
    Also, I left your link on another blog friends blog—she is from Norwegian Ancestory and lives here in the U.S. and I thought she might really enjoy seeing all your pictures and reading all about the land of her “roots”. (lol)

  31. Pearl
    Oct 21 - 04:11

    Happy anniversary. Congratulations!

    btw, gorgeous area. Neat church.

  32. A Decent Man
    Oct 22 - 19:42

    Thnk you for your comment on my blog, Mr. Terella. I always like your posts, especially those pictures. You have a very beautiful country. Hope someday I could visit Norway. Cheers.

  33. RennyBA
    Oct 22 - 21:45

    @OldOldLadyOfTheHills: Thank you so much for showing interest and all the compliments. I am flattered. My Nokia is a 6680 – I know you’ve got mail:-) Thanks also for inviting others and even with Norwegian roots to my blog. Hope she find some of interest to her too.
    Your favour of linking me is returned of course!

    @Pearl: Thanks for your good wishes to my wife and I – and your compliments too!

    @A Decent Man: Your welcome and I’m glad you find my blog interesting too. Hope you come and see us one day!

  34. […] Norwegian: Window is ‘Vindu’, Door is ‘Dør’ and Timber is ‘Tømmer’. In some of my earlier post, I’ve told you that our currency some hundred years back was called ‘Daler’ so keen linguists […]

    Didn’t know my own links comes as a comment but WordPress never stops to amaze me :-)

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