Month: November 2006

Brussels, The European Capital

I just love Brussels and so will you after I’ve given you a peek into this wonderful European town. I was there in a meeting last weekend and on Sunday I was walking around on my own to breathe in the cultural atmosphere. Let’s have a quick update of the […]

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It’s all about luck

I know my regular readers are anxious to hear about my trip to Brussels, but it’ll have to wait. You see last evening I had an IT serial entrepreneur and award blast and I just can’t get it out of my head. So since this after all is a blog […]

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Going to Brussels in Belgium

I think traveling is exciting, educating, interesting and fascinating. Tomorrow I’m going to Brussels and make the best out of the combination of business and pleasure. It’s another CEPIS (an umbrella organization for all computer societies in Europe) council meeting. It will give me the opportunity to meet other colleagues […]

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