Month: July 2007

Something Fishy in the Norwegian kitchen

Hello fellow readers! It’s me again, Diane, Mrs. RennyBA – guest blogging once again. My dear husband is always immortalizing my culinary creations on his Terella and I thought it was high time to give you a full account myself. So please sit down at the dinner table and I […]

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Blog friends greeting and performance

This will be a different kind of post than I normally do, but hey: this is my blog and I like to freak out sometimes:-) Today I will congratulate someone, give you a good blog performance and a thank you note, so let’s go: First of all I want to […]

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RennyBA’s Terella got The Power of Schmoozing

My trusty readers know that I love to share Norwegian and Nordic countries traditions, culture, food and habits. As I call myself a network evangelist and love to make new friends all over the world, I got another opportunely to widen my audience yesterday – an offer I can’t refuse! […]

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