We have had a tradition the last five years of taking a holiday in Sweden from the second day of Xmas to the 2nd of January. Our vacation home is in an apartment building own and run by Norwegians. Each New Years Eve we have a good dinner with our family, and since in Sweden its sea food (I’ll get back to that later) and then an hour or two before midnight we all meet in the common room – this year I believe we were around 30 people of all ages – getting together for some cake and coffee avec, good conversation and friendship.

Sparkling Girl on New Years Eve There is something special about counting down for the New Years Eve and every time it takes me down memory lane. Of course there is a celebration, but most of all from my childhood, I remember we where allowed to stay up until pass midnight to see the fireworks. I remember passing this tradition to my children and the day before we would build a big off-shoot ramp with snow and ice holding bottles for the rockets. These days for convenience and safety, I’ve changed from rockets to a box of fireworks with only one fuse. Part of the anticipation is to buy it the day before. They demonstrate all the kinds they have on a video and we bought one who lasted for a bit more than a minute. Every one goes out to see and the children have fun with sparklers :-). Since I made a similar post last year (click to read the details!), I wanted to make this one different. My blog friend, Expat Travels asked me to take pictures, but then I came up with the idea of video taping it with my Nikon Coolpix S2. Click and have fun with full speakers:

I also promised you a fair share of our New Years Eve sea food delight. We had it all: Shrimps, crab, craw fish and not to mention(my favorite) lobster. You can read more details on how we prepare and it from my post last year, so this year I’ll make it nice and short with a movee. I like mayonnaise on top and for you I made it hearted. Bon appetit:

You might like to read about how we celebrate in Norway too (since I was in Sweden, I mean). Then I recommend my blog friend Kristie’s – an expat from Los Angeles – who really seems to have adjusted to the Viking’s way of celebrating!


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