Month: February 2008

RennyBA living with a Metamorphoses

My regular readers know that I met my wife on the net about 10 years ago. She’s from upstate New York and was brave enough to move over to Norway along with her two sons to live with me. For more details, read my Love Story post! She is very […]

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Outdoors winter delight in Norway

Walking to a dinner party with some colleagues the other day (I had my mobile phone at hand as always), I hit on a scoop. Mind you, its winter and the temperatures were below freezing, but there still were quite a few people sitting outside at the local sidewalk cafés. […]

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A culinary feast at Restaurant Eik in Oslo

My regular readers know I am a member of The Norwegian Computer Society, Norway’s largest special interest society in information technology (IT). My main job is to launch the new European Certification program for IT-professionals, EUCIP, but I’m also involved in some work groups, like one for IT Strategy and […]

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