Month: October 2009

Blogger from Norway visit Athens in Greece

Athens the capital city is in many ways the birthplace of Classical Greece and the cradle of Western civilization. As such, it is the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, the Olympic Games, Western literature and historiography as well as political science. Athens – related tο name of the goddess Athena […]

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Oktoberfest party in Oslo Norway

Oktoberfest is kind of a new tradition in Norway – another proof of that the world becomes smaller and that habits and cultural occasions are adapted. Well, don’t misunderstand: even from the Viking period, Norwegians have celebrated harvest and made beer from grain and aquavit from potatoes. Great feasts were […]

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Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 Preview

Oslo Blog Gathering, August 11th to 15th, invites all to explore the city and Norway’s history, culture and traditions. It’ll be a compact guided adventure invited by RennyBA’s Terella, to give everyone in Blogsphere a chance to see some of the attractions presented on this blog over the last five […]

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