The Nobel Peace Prize Recidence

On my way from the buss to work this morning, I passed the Grand Hotel at Oslo’s main street, Karl Johan. It’s close to the parliament, the old university and the Kings Castle, so it gives you a majestic atmosphere. At this hotel, the Nobel Peace Price winner of the […]

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Nordic Santa Claus

The week between Christmas and New Year we are at our vacation home in Sweden. The small charming town of Mariestad is in mid Sweden and has a lot to offer for tourists. We’ve been here in our spare time for more than 5 years now. Situated near Vänern, Scandinavian’s […]

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It was Yule before Christmas!

I’ve learned something interesting today. In Northern Europe we call this holliday season ‘Jul’ and now I know the reason why. It might fill out some missing links in you’re childhood memories as well, so I decided to share it with you all.Let’s start with a description of Christmas in […]

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