From snowy Sweden with Love

I often tell about quality time with my wife. This time it’s about a whole weekend and what I found worth capturing with my Nokia mobile phone camera. Let me start with a breath taking scenery from our trip back to Norway on Sunday afternoon.

This is a rest place where we often stop to have a snack on the road on our trip back and forth to our vacation house in Sweden. It’s a beautiful lake where children are playing in the water during their families break in the summer time and sometimes even we take a swim here then.

Here you see the bench where we have our picnic. This time of the year it is mostly below freezing and just a place to pass by and remember. But in four months I will be back with a report about a lovely, sunny and warm beach where you can take a break and relax before moving along. The picture on the right hand side is taken by my wife during my capturing. She says she soon will be blogging about the hazards of living with a blogger… even a bitscary life sometimes :-)

It takes four or five hours to get to our house in Sweden. This time my wife and I were alone so the time went by very fast as we finally had some time to talk without any interruptions. I feel it is good and important to strengthen our relationship by talking about all and nothing… actually not talking at all is nice as well. Above you see some of the winter roads in Sweden. I was more attracted to the sky and the wonderful scenery created by the sun.

Well installed in the house Friday evening, we made a lovely dinner together – another quality time and one of my favourites. Outside on the balcony the next evening just after sunset, I saw the moon and had to capture it with my phone of course. I was thinking: these branches will soon start growing buds and soon it will be summer and we can play golf again. There is a lot of wild life in the neighbourhood and it’s interesting to follow the animal’s movements as you can see the footprints in the snow. In the picture to the right you can see a bunch of bunnies have had a blast last night.

This blog is about the significant four seasons in the Nordic countries. So far I have only been able to show you the beauty of the winter wonder land. There will be spring soon I know… and then summer… but first I like to enjoy the winter and its beauty and I do hope you like it as well.

A Winter Day in Sweden

Dear blog visitors – I wish you a Happy New Year!
Staying in Sweden the week between Christmas and New Year as a tradition the last couple of years, we had a jolly good time. We are a small colonies of about 100 Norwegian families with our own vacation home in a small town, Mariestad. It is called the Pearl of Lake Vänern. Situated beside the lake gives Mariestad its unique character. 140 kilometres of coast, a huge inland sea and a splendid archipelago of 22,000 islands, islets and skerries all combine to give the city a very distinctive quality. For visitors to Mariestad there is a great choice of accommodation. Camping by the lake, the touring hostel by the harbour or an elegant hotel room at Stadshotellet (the first pic) are just a few examples.
Walking around at the town’s central market place a winter day blessed with snow, I could not resist capturing this charming town. It was the last day in 2005 and we had a jolly good time entering the New Year together with the Norwegian Colonies.
The town was founded in 1583 by Gustav Vasa’s son Karl IX, who named it after his wife, Maria af Pfalz. Cobblestone streets, charming wooden houses in Gamla Stan (the Old Town) and a beautiful cathedral (but no bishop!) all bear witness to a long, exciting history during which plenty has happened.

On the top of Oslo

I had a meeting today with Kjell Rusti, CEO of Steria Norway. Entering their reception desk I noticed that the view out of the window at the 23rd floor was breath taking. Since I have a mobile phone with camera, I could not resist taking a picture from the top of Oslo – capital of Norway. In the picture you can see the fjord ending right down town of the city and the ferry boat regularly cruising from Denmark and Germany. Right now the harbour is under construction as the new Opera House is beginning to form its magnificent shape as an architectural new monument. If you like to learn more about this coming Opera House in The City of Oslo, click here! On the net at miniguides, I found this description of Oslo which I find excellent: “World-class Oslo, a town of 500,000, has become good at survival and rebirth throughout its nearly 1,000-year history. In 1348, plague wiped out half the population, and it has burned down too many times to count. Nearly destroyed entirely by a fire in 1624, it was redesigned and renamed Christiania by Denmark’s royal builder, King Christian IV. After that it slowly gained prominence as the largest and most economically significant city in Norway.” A Yahoo user from Germany says: “This is the best city I ever been to. Fantastic surroundings, very clean and friendly beautiful people. The perfect place to take your kids. They will be safe and not bored. If you want nightlife go another place(even though there is good places) This is a city very suited for families.Quite expensive but it’s worth evey penny. Make sure too go to the resistant Museum, Bygdoy and just stroll around in the city and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.” A norwegian couldn’t have said it a better way! You are welcome to visit any time :-)