Pisa more than Leaning Tower for Norway Family

Born as an Etruscan port on the banks of the Arno River around the middle of the 6th century B.C., Pisa is much more than the famous Leaning Tower. Known as Pisae, a Roman colony, the settlement displayed some Ligurian and Etruscan influence. After the end of the Roman Empire, this was a port town of great importance for the Goths’, the Longobards and the Carolingians too. In the 11th century, a further development transformed Pisa into one of the…

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Edvard Munch Modern Eye in Paris Frankfurt and London

The travelling Edvard Munch exhibition “The Modern Eye” started in Paris Centre Pompidou and focuses on The Norwegian painter’s later works and his relationship to his contemporary era. His personal experiences and the introverted workings of his mind have always attracted attention, but here the spotlight is on his inquisitive participation in his social affairs and a modern visual culture. The exhibition is stringently organized in distinct sections. In the first section some of his major works from the 1890’s…

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