Top Oslo Sightseeing tips: Museums at Bygdøy Island

Oslo’s Bygdøy island museums present; The Kon-Tiki Museum showing the legendary expeditions of Thor Heyerdahl; the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History; the Viking Ship Museum; the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the ship Fram, used by Roald Amundsen on his polar expeditions. Bygdøy is one of Norway’s oldest cultural landscapes with a rich history. It has beautiful parks and forests and some of Oslo’s most popular beaches, including the Huk ordinary and nudist beach. Actually a peninsula, its only 20 min…

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Bogstad Manor in Oslo, Norway

My regular readers know I still have some adventures to share from The Norwegian Computer Society’s (NCS) Annual Meeting last weekend. We wanted to give the gathered 80 representatives something historical and cultural to remember, and of course I gladly take you with us to Bogstad Gård (Manor), just 20 minutes outside of Oslo city. Let me start with a long distance view of this majestic farm (click all pics to enlarge!): The main building (in the centre of the…

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